8 Exercises to BOOST Your Metabolism!!

Boosting the metabolism is helpful for so many reasons, but the big one is LOSING WEIGHT! Depending on your diet and workout regime, accomplishing this goal will be a work in progress and doesn’t occur overnight.  With that being said, there are certain moves and steps that can be taken to start this process.

First and foremost, eating clean meals 5-6 times throughout the day is the first step that needs to take place. Check out my post on how to start eating clean for beginners for more tips! This will help outline the basics that many meal prep gurus uses.

Secondly, warming up properly before a workout with certain moves will help both the core and metabolism!  All of these moves can easily be done in a living room, dorm room, gym or any applicable space.


  • Light Jog -Start things off easy with a brisk run in place, or laps (if possible). This will help get the blood flowing and the muscles loosened.
  • Butt Kickers – While running in place, bring the heels of your feet up to your bum in a kicking motion. Placing your hands on top of your bum can assist in getting your feet high enough to achieve the proper motion.
  • High Knees – Be sure to engage your core while alternating lifting your legs at a 90 degree angle
  • Jumping Jacks – Complete a set of jumping jacks by bringing your hands over your head and separating your feet at the same time.  Be sure to complete this activity for about 30 seconds
  •  Mountain Climbers – Start off by holding a plank position on your hands.  Once here, bring your knees up to your chest in a rapid repeated action.  Bringing your knees up in a twisted motion will add that extra challenge.
  • Forward Lunge with a Twist – Complete a standard forward lunge by bringing one foot forward and bending the knees.  Once the knees are in a bent position, twist the torso to the opposite side while holding your arms out in front of you.
  • Jump Squats – This move can be perform by holding a regular squat and then springing up.  This should be a flowing, non-stopping motion from squat to jump. The only way to make this move effective is to complete more than 3 sets at a time! Keep going and be sure to aim for at least 10 or more.
  • Bicycle Crunches – Lay on your back with your hands position by your ear. Start by bringing your knees to the opposite elbow and stretching out the opposite one at the same time.  Once completed, switch limbs to work both sides of the core.

Complete each move at 60 second intervals and repeat the set three times.  To find the best results, aim to complete this exercise 3 to 4 times a week.  As mentioned earlier, eating clean and at higher intervals will help boost your metabolism.  The best practice for this is by eating three complete meals and three snacks throughout the day.

Healthy Eating

Starting with meal prep can be daunting and overwhelming to a beginner (like me!), but I found starting with baby steps helps ease into the process.  Cutting out sugars, chips, soda, and any other junk food was the first step I took. I also bought meal prep containers to help organize everything throughout the week.  I’m starting with 3-4 days worth of meals prepped on Sunday evening and creating easy-to-grab snacks for the week. I found starting with a small number and working  my way up works best for me.  I also dramatically increased my water intake between meals and throughout the day while also keeping a stash of healthy snacks within reach. You’ll be surprised at how big of an impact small changes can have over time.

Eating breakfast is also a major step in activating your metabolism, as it jump starts your body into burning energy and sustaining the body systems.  They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason! If you’re super busy like me, cooking a full hot breakfast is nearly impossible and nonexistent.  Creating easy simple smoothies can help speed along the breakfast routine, and still allow a for health start to the day.  I stick with three ingredient smoothies that don’t require any extra fancy steps or prep work. I throw everything in my nutribullet with some OJ, chia seeds and my on-the-road smoothie is complete. I’m out the door once I’ve eaten my boiled eggs, whole wheat toast and fruit!

Drink Water

Drinking a full glass of water within an hour of waking up is another boost tip. Honestly drinking more water throughout the way does wonders for your body and your insides will love it!  I mention this almost postly, but it’s so important! It can be difficult to remember throughout the day, but setting up reminders or alarms can make the task less daunting.  There’s a number of apps available to help with this, feel free to browse until you find one that works for you. Even marking a side of a water gallon with hour marks can add an extra challenge to the task. Getting some cool water bottles can help with drinking the daily recommend amount. I found mine at Amazon for cheaper than I would at a store.

The daily recommended amount of water can vary depending on your body type, but a little research will determine what’s the best amount for you.  I personally try to drink about 3-4 30 ounces water bottles throughout the day to feel refreshed and hydrated. Using flavor enhancers or fresh fruit can help liven up the flavor as well, if you’re just starting out.  If you use fresh fruit, be sure to let it infuse for a couple hours overnight to achieve the best taste.  Any combinations can be used, but my go to is cucumber slices and lemon wedges.  I also like to throw in the occasional mint leaves for added flavor!

Wrap Up

All these moves and tips collectively will help give that boost needed for your metabolism. Eating healthy, drinking water and exercising will do nothing but good things for your physique.

Stay tuned for more fitness/healthy tips and be sure to comment your favorite move!



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