8 Fitness tips for Beginners!

2017 is the year of fitness! Getting in shape has become the hot new trend.   Having a fit body (however defined) requires a lot of time, dedication and commitment but the process starts with small steps. As someone who’s a few months into my fitness journey, taking beginners steps has been the key to my success.

8 tips for Beginners Fitness

  • Set an attainable goal. – Don’t plan on running a 5k the first week if you’ve never ran a race before.  Working towards a goal will motivate you throughout the workout.
  • Create a workout schedule. – Mix it up throughout the week with different workouts! Seeing a schedule on a calendar reduces the chance of skipping out on a workout.
  • Workout to music or eBook. – Depending on what moves your muscle, listing to something during a workout can help distract from the pain.
  • Buy sexy workout clothes. –  Create the “first day of the school year” outfit feel with colorful yoga pants and tops! Create excitement for the gym by rocking an outfit that makes you feel awesome


  • Workout with a buddy. – It can be hard to find the energy to go to the gym after a long work day. Working out with a buddy can help you stay on track for the workout.
  • Set your own pace. – There’s always that one person running like a gazelle at top speed on the treadmill.  There’s no need to be that person, go at a pace that works for you.
  • Track your progress. –  Seeing “Before” pictures can help show more of a change then the digits on a scale. Flexing a muscle that wasn’t previously there a few weeks ago, is definitely an exhilarating moment.
  • Eat Healthy! – Working out and eating clean go hand in hand.  Swapping out soda for water and chips with fruit, is a good first step to making healthy choices.

That’s it! 8 simple tips for a fitness beginner’s.  The key is to stay focused and keep going, comment your favorite workout tips and stay tuned for more fitness tips!


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