Best Dorm Room Workout Routines for Fall!

Best Dorm Room Workout Routines for Fall

It’s Autumn! The leaves are falling, the colors are changing, and I love this time of year.   Preparing for another school year on a college campus can be both exciting, exhilarating and nerve racking.  It’s the first step to becoming an adult!  Being responsible for both your physical/mental health can seem difficult, and little overwhelming at first.   The best way to stay focused and healthy, is to create and stick with a personalized fitness routine. Not only will it help keep that hard earned summer body in shape, but it’ll also help fend off the dreaded “freshman 15” (shocked face emoji!).


If the thought of working out in the university’s gym amongst the athletes makes you break out in a cold sweat, it’s okay!  There are a number of fitness routines available to stay in shape.  Completing a quick set between classes or first thing in the morning ( HA! ) will do wonders to ease the stress of homework,classes and the changing seasons.

Pilates Routine

This is a great option for a cramped space! Be sure to add some light stretching/warms up before hand to get the best out of this workout.

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Performing this workout three to four times a week will help the muscles stay active.  All that’s needed is some space, yoga mat and comfy clothes.  If pilates isn’t your cup of tea, there are other options available.

HIIT Workout (High Intensity Interval Training)

Have 30 minutes to spare for a quick workout?  Completing a HIIT workout will not only energize the body, but it’s an great way to get your daily cardo.  Depending on how your funds are, SWEAT with Kayla app is a great option for this workout.  If you haven’t checked out her “before and after” pictures from current users on Instagram, do it! The pictures speak for themselves.

Another great options is PIIT28 with Casey Ho, creator of Blogilates.  Not only does she have a phenomenal Youtube page filled with daily workout, but she also designs monthly calendars routines to help stay on track.  It’s super easy to follow along, and it saves the time trying to figure out which workout to do that day.  It’s a win win and very little equipment is needed.

Both of these do require some form of payment before proceeding so if your college budget doesn’t stretch that far, Spotebi has a great HIIT workout as well. Be sure to complete this circuit three times to achieve a full workout, no cheating!


Time to switch it up a bit and add yoga into this mix.  I’ve recently started practicing yoga these past few months, and not only is it a great workout but it also helps clear my mind after a busy day. It’s also wonderful for stretching those tight muscles and joints while gaining back that youthful flexibility. Be sure to start off slow and do what’s comfortable for you, before moving on to more advanced pose.  The wonderful thing about yoga is, it’s a journey not a race. Practicing certain moves and poses every day will not only help keep the body in motion, but you’ll be surprised after consistent practice just how flexible you’re becoming!

Utilizing these easy beginners move from my 10 best yoga moves post is a great first step to this workout, but there’s quite a few moves that will help round out your practice. Again, be sure to do what’s comfortable for you.

Yoga Poses 

  • Forward Fold
  • Downward Dog
  • Cobra Pose
  • Upward Facing Dog
  • Plank
  • Warrior I
  • Warrior II
  • Triangle Pose
  • Table Pose
  • Child’s Pose
  • Etc!

Wrapping up the day with a light yoga session is a great way to wind down and de-stress.  Especially after a difficult test or class week. It keeps the muscles active while allowing the mind to calm down from rigorous thinking.  Be sure to utilize breathing techniques, scented candles and even yoga themed music to really get into the full effect of this workout.

Get your workout on!

Use these next few months before winter break to keep that physique going!  Even if the goal isn’t to get in shape, working out on a semi regular basis, helps maintain a sense of rhythm in a new environment.  Outside of working out in the gym, or joining fitness classes, working out during spare moments with one of theses fitness routines is a great alternative!  Pilates and Yoga are two easy methods for any fitness beginner, or for anyone whose limited in time and space.  Don’t be afraid to switch it up outside of these suggestions, and find what works for you!   If you’re feeling a more intense workout and have a VERY limited amount of time, completing a HIIT workout is possible!  Not only will it get your heart pumping, and muscles burning, but a whole hour isn’t needed to complete it.  Give each of these methods a try to see what works best for you, comment below with your favorite workout and moves!




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