How to get FIT and LOSE Weight – 2018 Edition!

How to get FIT and LOSE Weight – 2018 Edition

Where on earth did 2017 go, the new year is here and the Holiday’s have once again come and gone!  Beginning a New Year usually accompanies a New Year resolution, usually one for getting in shape and losing weight.    Unfortunately after a few weeks, the resolution gets tossed to the side and forgotten.  Let this be the year of a completed resolution!

Getting fit and eating healthy should be considered a long-term commitment, instead of a quick fix solution.  Just like the saying, “it’s a marathon, not a race”, and it should be considered as such.  2018 could be your year of achieving this goal, all that’s needed is a strong determination and some smart planning.

Summer will be here before we know it, but achieving that sexy summer body doesn’t take place overnight.  Following a fitness regime and diet plan are the base to accomplishing a healthy fitness resolution.

Tip #1 – Clean out the Pantry

This might seem like an easy tip to do, but it’s an important one.  Cleaning out the pantry of all junk foods like chips, and cookies is a must!  It is impossible to out work bad eating habits.  Think of the body as a fine tuned car engine that runs better on 100% synthetic oil versus a low-grade oil.  This can be difficult to do, so starting off with baby steps will make the task easier to handle.  Switching out soda for sparkling water is a great place to start. Don’t be afraid to add a bowl of fresh fruits and veggies to the fridge as well.

If the fridge is a common place for the whole family, simple placing unhealthy snacks out of sight will help.  Out of sight, out of mind!  Placing a fruit basket fill with pears, apples and bananas in the middle of a table is a better option than a bag of chips.  This is probably the best tip to achieving a healthy physique for 2018.

Tip #2 – Find a Fitness Regime

Working out is another important tip for losing weight and staying healthy.  It may seem harsh but sitting on the couch during down time won’t help the pounds disappear.  Physically working out the body three to four times a week is the best thing you can do.  There’s a number of fitness routines that can help with this, but finding the right one that works for your physique is important.

If high intensity interval trainings workouts cause an asthma attack or adds stress to an old sports injury, there are other alternative.  A simple bike ride, Pilates or yoga class at a local gym still counts as a workout! There’s so many different routines to choose from and it’s not a bad idea to give a few select ones a whirl. Just be sure to find one that works for you, and stick with it.

Tip #3 – Plan, Plan, Plan!

Getting in shape and working towards a healthier version of you takes planning and preparations.  It can not (and should not) happen overnight.  Planning meals (see tip #4) and gym visits will create a higher rate of success versus if they take place “when the moment feels right”.  If you’re a person that likes to write things down for the week, purchasing a planner is a great way to stay on top of weekly routines.  Even getting a monthly calendar that hangs on the fridge, or using a phone calendar are great tools to use. Don’t be afraid to write things down though! Nothing feels better than crossing off a task as completed at the end of the day.


I basically write this all the time, but drinking water is a HUGE way to start being healthy.   Making a small change from a sugary beverage to sparkling water is a great way to cut out copious amounts of sugar.  It also helps to flush out excess toxins from the body, and keeps the insides hydrated and at peak performance.  It might be difficult to drink the recommended ounces per day, but start with a bottle a day.  Switch out soda for flavored water, sparkling or infused water and add different fresh fruit combinations for more flavor.  Feel free to use flavor enhancers if the taste of plain water is to boring or new for you.

How to get fit and lose weight! 2018 Edition

Tip #5 Find a Workout Partner

Finding a workout/fitness buddy can be a great way to stay motivated in completing your goal.  Just make sure to find a buddy that has the same agenda, and can HELP instead of hurt. Nothing damages a successful week of meal prepping then a deep dish pizza brought over on the weekend, by a friend that knows you’re trying to lose weight.  On the days when the gym is the last place desired, completing a partner workout at the gym can help make the visits more entertaining and fun.  It’s a lot harder to skip the gym when someone else is counting on you too!

Tip #6 Don’t Obsess over the Scale

Muscle weighs more than fat. Focusing on the number displayed on a scale can leave feelings of discouragement if the desired results aren’t being seen.  The best way to see changes is by taking pictures at a chosen interval time, like every week or every other week. (See the next tip!) Seeing the physical changes between pictures can show more of a result the any scale numbers could.  Even if pictures aren’t taken, crushing a new fitness goal is another great way to rate progress.  Increasing the weight on a rep set will have you walking out of the gym like a bad a**!

Tip #7 Take Pictures

Actively keeping track of your fitness journey with weekly pictures will not only add motivation, but it’s a great way to see progress!  They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so snap away! You’ll be glad you did, especially when week 1 is lined up to week 16.  The pictures will speak for themselves.  If social media is part of your routine, don’t be afraid to share progress with family and friends!

Tip #8 Don’t Give Up!

If a weekend binge session leaves you feeling bad come Monday morning, don’t let that stop you!  If becoming a healthier version of yourself were easy, everyone would be signing up for it.  The key is to get right back on track with healthy meals, workouts and increased water intake.  Each day that’s spent actively working towards a goal is still a good day!  It’s okay to have a slip up, especially when it’s a family event or birthday party, just be sure to get right back on track.  Each day will become easier and easier, and pretty soon it won’t seem like a punishment to have chicken broccoli over drive through fast food.

Tip #9 Find Cute Workout Clothes

“Dress for the part you want, not the part you have!”   We all know rocking a cute new outfit on the first day of school or a new dress for that high school reunion does wonders.  It’s almost like becoming a new person that can conquer and trapple anything in your way.  Why not use the same tactics for fitness clothes? No need to blow a whole paycheck on a new wardrobe, finding one fitness pants or sports bar can have the same effect.  Over time you’ll have your own fitness wardrobe to sweat your stuff in!

Tip #10 Set Small Attainable Goals

Getting in shape and losing weight can seem like a daunting task, but setting small but attainable goals will make the task easier.  Instead of choosing to lose 50 lbs by the end of year, try setting goals such as lifting a certain amount of weight, or running a certain number of miles.  Not only will it make it easier to reach your ultimate goal, but it’ll no longer becomes a faint dream along the horizon that seems impossible to reach.  Running a 5k, or even running around the block without stopping is an achievable step to your ultimate goal!

Wrap Up

Getting in shape and losing weight is possible! Don’t ever forget it! Out of all the advice out there, these are the tips I personally followed to get healthier.  It’s easy to try the new fad diet all over social media, especially when there’s before and after pictures to prove it.  But find what works best for you.   This should be a process that takes place over an extended period of time for long term results.  It can’t (and shouldn’t) happen in one week or a few days.  Give yourself time to get fit and lose weight. If the hard work is put in, the results will come!

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One step at a time in a consistent manner will bring good results.

Great work .. there is many tips to lose weight so easily by following very simple steps
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