How to LOSE Weight and Keep It Off!

The the answer we’ve all been looking for, how to lose weight AND keep it off!.

My ten year high-school reunion is coming up soon, and like most women, I want to knock the socks off my old classmates.  I’ve always been somewhat of an active person, but last fall a Groupon for kick boxing classes found its way into my purchases cart. I attended as many classes as I could in a week and as expected my body drop weight like crazy, that is until I hit a wall in my fitness journey.


In order to complete a desired goal, certain steps and actions need to be taken. Below I’ve outlined a few tips that have helped me along my journey.

  • Realize it doesn’t happen overnight- losing a lot of weight quickly within a short amount of time, only makes its come back just as fast. Giving your body time to adjust to the changes will reap better results in the long run better than any fad diet or ‘magic tea’ could do.
  • Drink lots of water – I can not stress this enough. Drinking lots of water throughout the day will do wonders for your every system of the body.  Not only will your skin look refreshed and renewed, but it will help keep junk food cravings at bay.

  • Don’t drink your calories – losing weight is a simple equation of burning more calories than what’s taken in while increasing nutrient intake. Switching out a sugary beverage for water during a meal will help with this goal.
  • Eat more! – this sounds crazy doesn’t it? But actually eating MORE food will give your body enough energy to burn throughout a workout. Eating six small HEALTHY meals throughout the day will help maintain a constant level of energy needed.
  • Set up a workout schedule – planning a few workouts throughout the week will help you stay motivate and on track.  Don’t wait until the “moment feels right” to workout, CREATE the moment by planning.
  • Take pictures to track progress – focusing on the scale weight number is not always the best way to track progress. Remember, muscle weighs more then fat and taking pictures can help show more than what’s on a scale.
  • Join a fitness community! – whether it’s a Facebook group for your gym or your roommate, joining a community can make it easier to obtain your goals.  Holding each other accountable and finding a gym buddy helps make the journey more enjoyable.

Following these tips will help tremendously in reaching those long term goals.  Fad diets unfortunately won’t work for the results desired, but making a plan and executing it properly WILL WORK!!

As mentioned, I hit a wall a few weeks back myself. It felt like steps were being taken backwards instead of forward, and it was disappointing. But I wholeheartedly focused on clean eating and cut out (most) of the junk out to get back on track. Following these tips consistently has helped me stick to my goal.

The results are still ongoing but if I can do it, so can you! Check out my post on 8 Simples Fitness Tips for Beginners and be sure to subscribe for more tips and to join my community!



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