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Natural Organic Skincare Products – Buca Botanicals

The biggest issue for me this past winter was dry skin!  No matter how much lotion I lathered on, the dryness would always return a short while later.  I hated it! I decided my goal for the summer is to find the best natural, organic skin care products that aid and nurture my skin.

Buca Botanicals

In my quest to find wholesome and natural products, I came across Buca Botanicals.  The company located in Austin, Texas, handcrafts high quality skin care/aroma products in small batches. They are made free of chemicals, parabens, synthetic perfumes, mineral oils and best of all, NO PETROLEUM!  Instead they’re made from plant based, certified organic ingredients that come from sustainable sources.

In the words of Ashley the creator:

“We believe the earth is an infinite means for restoring and maintaining good health, as it receives vital energies from the sun, air and water….We use roots, leaves, flowers, essential oils and naturally occurring minerals to bring balance to the body’s largest organ – the skin – harmonizing the totality of the body, mind & spirit.”

Products include:

  • Face oils, serums, and hydrosol (face mist)
  • Body oils, butters and scrubs
  • Aroma oils and mist

If you’re looking for a beauty product that gives back to your skin, I highly suggest Buca Botanicals !  If you’re not sure which products to start with, they offer a FREE 3 mini samples set on any of the cleansing oils, hydrosols, face oils, face serums, clays, body oils, bath oils and aroma oils.  With a wide variety of products to pick from, trying a sample product can help decide which combination works best for you.

Be sure to comment your favorite products and check out their instagram @bucabotanicals for upcoming sales and product info.

Stay tuned for more health and beauty updates!

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I’m loving more and more natural products so they seem super nice! I haven’t heard of the brand before so thanks for introducing it to me!

I love natural products, and these ones sound amazing. I haven’t heard of this brand before, so I’m going to have to give their products a whirl! x
Lots of love,
Marina Rosie xx

I haven’t heard about the brand before but the packaging is so sleek and luxe

Oh my gosh, these sound amazing!! I love how they’re such natural products. I’m definitely eyeing the serum. I have to check out this brand! Thanks for sharing!

Shirin |